Doctoral Consortium and Summer School
Computational Fabrication and Smart Matter

June 14-18, 2017 | Cambridge MA

This workshop provides 30 PhD students with the opportunity to discuss their research with senior mentors in their field and to learn new research skills.
There will be a strong focus on developing each participant's research agenda, including brainstorming new research ideas and transforming them into physically realizable prototypes.
We will also include a session on how to apply for research jobs and will provide feedback for application materials.

The event is co-located with the Symposium on Computational Fabrication (SCF 2017), which takes place on June 12 and June 13.


Speakers & Mentors

Stefanie Mueller
Sean Follmer
Sriram Subramanian
University of Sussex
Juergen Steimle
Saarland University
Robert MacCurdy

Thijs Roumen (webchair)
Hasso Plattner Institute
Victor Zordan
Clemson University
James Weaver
WYSS Institute


Metamaterial Mechanisms
Exploring Content Generation for Shape-Changing Displays Through Accessible Fabrication Approaches
Synchronizing the physical and the virtual worlds
Optimized Design and Fabrication of Robots
Presenting two examples of 3d printing on the fabrication of free-form objects
A Health Sensing Toolkit Designed for Older Adults to Craft Their Own Devices
Cyril Bounakoff
Elaboration of an electronic skin based on carbon nanotube piezoresistive films for human-robot social interaction
Digital Fabrication of Interactive Objects (Using Printed Electronics)
Donald Degraen
End-User Development for Intelligible 3D Content Exploration
Animating Matter: Actuating Materials Using Magnetic Forces
Toward a more wearable tactile display
Fabrication, Modeling, and Control of Plush Robots
Design Tools for Creative Making
Jooyeun Ham
Skin-like Tactile Sensor for Dexterous Robot
Robot Control Frameworks for Arts and Design
Combining Modalities and Technologies for Creating Novel Interactions and Experiences
3D-printed, Electromagnetically variable Material
Rehabilitation Wearable Bracelets for Learned Non-Use in Post-Stroke Populations
Fabricating Interactivity Expedition
Robotic ecologies for architectural construction.
Automated Design of Soft Robots
Towards Novel Tools and Technologies to Support Makers in Creating Interactive Design Artifacts
Material-aware computational design of deformable surfaces
Acoustophoretic Mid-air Display
Flexigami: A Reconfigurable Cellular Material
Paul Louis Mayencourt
Structural Optimization and Digital Fabrication of Timber Structures
Towards Large-Scale Personal Fabrication
Interaction Styles for Ubiquitous Fabrication
 Integrated Design and Simulation of Tunable, Multi-State Structures Fabricated with 3D Printing
 Knitting 3D Surfaces
William Frier
 Towards a new generation of tactile display
 Fabrication-oriented robotic motion planning platform
 Animating Matter: Actuating Materials Using Magnetic Forces


We encourage submissions from PhD students
working on technical HCI research with backgrounds in
fabrication, shape changing interfaces, robotics, computer graphics,
mechanical engineering, material science and similar areas.
(if you are a master student but plan to continue into a PhD program, please also apply)

Please submit 4 pages (incl. references) in SIGCHI paper format:
(your submission will only be used for internal review and will not be posted online)
Word | Latex Template

The main part of your submission should describe your research.
Please also include a biography and a statement of why you want to participate.

To submit, send your file as a PDF to:

Application Deadline: March 3, 2017 (12:00 PDT)
Notification: March 10, 2017
Summer School: June 14-18, 2017

For students with a SIGCHI membership, we will be able to cover part of the travel costs and accommodation.

Contact us

For further questions, feel free to contact us at:
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